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    High Efficiency 151 Lm / W
    MIRO-Silver® Segmented Reflector
    We present two new spotlights, Navo NMT and Navo NMR of the famous German manufacturer ANSORG. Featuring a discreet design with premium Ansorg DNA, both lamps provide superior luminous flux and are suitable for a wide range of applications. Available in both outdoor and built-in design, the spotlights rotate 360 ​​° and rotate ± 10 ° for extremely flexible adaptation to individual requirements. Along with traditional aisle lighting in retail stores, the new lamps are also ideal for lighting clothing or household item stores. The use of this model of the lamp can significantly reduce the number of lighting devices in the trading hall and lower the UGR (glare rate from the light source).
    Track light
    Lumen category: 8000 lm - 12000 lm
    Light colour White : 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K - True White, 3500 K - Bright Colour, 3500 K, 4000 K, B+V+C, M, M+F
    CRI: 80 -97
    Pan/tilt range: 360/10°
    Protection rating . Class: IP20
    Beam angle: 2*30°
    Certifications: UA, CE
    Life time: 50 000 hours L80B10
    Warranty: 5 years/50 000 hours
    Housing: Cast aluminum
    Luminaire: Black, White, Silver
    Optical element: Aluminum reflector MIRO-Silver®
    Connection: 3p adapter, terminals WAGO
    Source of power: LED driver, LED driver DALI on request
    Light source: LED COB
    3P Power Track, built in ceiling